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Tamago Buddies debut with NOIZU at East London Design Show 2014

Tamago Buddies is an exciting collaboration between two award winning London based designers.

We would like to announce the launch of our new collection of prints:

NOIZU [ノイズ]

Retro colour palettes from the classic Japanese Showa-era meet Manga Sound Graphics. These hand pulled screen prints are presented on high quality A2 archival paper.

Mami Kim was born in Japan and trained as an architect before embarking on a career in product design.

Joe Hardy studied Fine Art and is currently working on an animated TV project and illustrating a children’s book.

After winning a Lexus Design Award for our first collaboration PIXIMOT, at Milan Design Week 2014, we wanted to continue creating work together so started Tamago Buddies a few months later.

The East London Design Show will mark the launch of our first print collection NOIZU and we are very excited to share this new work and look forward to hearing peoples responses.

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