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As the daughter of a Swedish father and Danish mother, Anette Gidlöf grew up in Northern Sweden, with its dark winter days and light summer nights. Today she lives in East Sussex with her English husband and two sons.

Nature provides the inspiration and motivation for most of her work, for which she mainly uses silver, but can also include other materials. The essence of her style lies in the simple Scandinavian designs, and the way in which the wearer is invited to engage with the product itself –

Jewellery is not only to adorn. It has to be tactile too.

The jewellery she makes is all made by hand. Anette enjoys the process of transforming a sheet of silver into a wearable and tactile piece of jewellery. Whilst it is a more time consuming process, each jewellery piece results in a more unique shape and finish and some are one of a kind. However, she makes individual jewellery pieces on request.

Having studied Silversmithing, Jewellery & Allied Crafts at the then London Guildhall University she designs and makes her own jewellery, under the name of Solaa Jewellery.

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