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British brand Little Moose are pleased to present their debut collection of unusual handmade jewellery. All handmade in the UK, the collection is full of vibrant character design and pleasantly playful detail.

Featuring space unicorns, sloth's, neon cats, giant octopus' and googly-eyed triangles amongst others, the collections, which are handcrafted by Little Moose in their South Coast studio draw on influences ranging from the natural world, pop culture, street style and Japanese sweet wrappers.

Standout pieces from the release include a large statement Sloth Family necklace which features a large sloth, baby sloth and bright green leaves - a perfect statement piece to complement bold floral and exotic prints. The striking Sea Creature necklaces bring the B-movie back to the forefront. Wide eyed triangles are at the heart of the Don't Be Square collection whose bright colours and strikingly simple shapes evoke memories of Saturday morning cartoons and Japanese street style. The Cat Nap collection juxtaposes sleeping cats with neon colouring and introduces the world to the 'Sausage Cat' by way of two lasercut necklaces.

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