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CorkNet CorkNet has been specially designed to work on any table. With a combined length of 80 cm it stretches over any table creating a net. The CorkNet is freestanding so there are no fixings to worry about. Place them in the center of your table and you're ready to play! The clever design lets you take it with you whether it is a friend's home or at work.

The Design Designed by Julian F Bond who is based in London. It all began with it needing to be three things; work as a table tennis net on any table, be a piece of useful kitchen equipment and be a clever bit of design that people would love to use.

The two part net is made from cork which is commonly seen in the kitchen, when the two pieces are put together they create a functional table heat mat. It is also small enough to fit comfortably into a kitchen cupboard or drawer. The clever design features a cutout in the net. This creates a perfect place to store the table tennis ball.

CorkNet comes as two identical parts. The net is the regulation height set by the International Table Tennis Federation, 15.25 cm. The net is divided into two sections each 40 cm long and put together have a thickness of 8 cm.

The Cork Cork is an amazing material: it is light, flexible, durable, heat resistant and moisture resistant. Cork is also a recyclable sustainable natural product harvested from cork trees without causing damage. CorkNet will be produced from recycled cork granules. These granules go through a special process before being poured in moulds. Under heat and pressure the cork bonds together creating the final product.

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