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Printed & illustrated designs by Xtina Lamb. Made in the UK using Print Gocco, thermofax screens, screen printing, or a electronic cutter.

THERMOFAX SCREENS are a fantastic way to print your own designs. Use the custom service to order a screen and use it to print your own cards, textiles, artworks, packaging or gifts.

BUNTING FLAGS in candy colours with your choice of interchangeable letters and illustrations. These beautiful, fun banners make a unique gift / keepsake for welcomes, farewells, weddings, parties, events and celebrations of all kinds. Custom choices of ink & cloth colours, sizes, shapes, typefaces or images are welcomed.

PRINTS: limited edition Print Gocco (a Japanese screen printing machine), screen printed artworks, cards, postcards & stationery and artist's books.

VINYL STICKERS for use as wall art, window stickers, decorations for laptops or cars, or signage for your wedding or event. Buy pre-made, or commission one from your own logo, design or specifications.

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