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Etsy - Kuku Big Bag

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Kuku Big Bag is a brand of handcrafted, functionally designed leather accessories. They are a modern take on traditional leather work and the belief in maintaining this art is upheld by the individual craftsman who hand make each bag. With leather sourced from selected European tanneries and traditional leather working tools, Kuku Big Bag is a mark of quality and professionalism, designed for those who appreciates its aesthetic statement of bold, contrasting colours and its juxtaposition of shapes. Kuku Big Bag is inspired first and foremost by contemporary lifestyle and the designer’s recent time spent in the Amterdam, Hong Kong and London. They are influenced by creative culture, functional designs and most important of all, objects that are designed around our ever increasing mobile culture. These influences of modernity, minimalism and functionality have set the boundaries for the Kuku Big Bag creative language.

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